Flared trousers from protest to elegance

Worn in the 70s the bell bottoms, called in English flared pants, in recent years it has made a comeback even if it has never lost its popularity especially among the youngest. As in every article we are going to discover its story, how its has evolved and to conclude some style tips on this particular garment.

History of the flared trousers

As we have seen for other garments such as the trench coat or the blazer, the flared trousers was born in the military field, it seems in fact that its first appearance dates back to 1813 when a certain Commodore, Stephen Decatur, mentions long blue bell-shaped trousers.

But it is only towards the end of the 60s that they begin to be used by the so-called flower children both by men and women to communicate a
uniformity of the sexes and finally expand in the 70s with the hippie culture and its revolution.

Diffusion and rebirth of the flared trousers

The first designer to bring it into the fashion system is Ossie Clark who in 1964 created his famous flared suit, anticipating other well-known designers and
dressing stars like Liz Taylor, Eric Clapton, Brigitte Bardot and George Harrison. In the 80s, however, we see a disuse for this garment as adherence was preferred,
especially in the legs, and the use of new materials due to the discovery of jogging. Mind in the 90s it sees its rebirth with a more discreet flaring
only on the finish also called Bootcut and then concludes its excess in the exaggerated 2000s with the Flare.

Style tips

As we all know the flared trousers having a flared shape tends to shorten the figure, obviously it goes without saying that the more its shape is flared, the more you need
increase stature. Stretch models are not recommended for those with thick thighs or curvy shapes, it is better instead to focus on a buttom-up model that evens
out and holds; also avoid geometric figures and especially horizontal bands.

If you prefer the high-waisted flared model, always remember to show your waist without ever covering it by putting the t-shirt or shirt inside,
or a top, for more “elegant flare” also a bustier, for the extravagant if sometimes you can add a kimono or a blazer.
In conclusion with the flared trousers you can wear all types of low shoes, sneakers, heels or sandals, the important thing is not to let them rub
on the ground or you will risk to appear short and uncared for; always better at least two fingers above the sole of the shoes of your bell trousers.