Jeans and its timeless style

The timeless style of the Jeans often refers to the cut of the 5-pocket trousers and the denim fabric, but not many know that behind its history there are commercial exchanges overalls and gold diggers to the American west coast. In fact, it seems that his birth is to be attributed to the city of Genoa called Blue de Genes hence the famous name blue jeans and then expanded in the USA to satisfy its great demand because it is very resistant and at a good price.

Jeans and its history

To learn about the history of Jeans and its timeless style, we must go back to the 15th century in Genoa when a blue moleskin-like fabric was used in the port to cover goods and to produce sacks for sails. The famous blue jeans seems to derive from the French “blue de Genes”, precisely the blue of Genoa. Later his cloth was exported to the USA to satisfy the workers and miners seeking fortune in the new continent.

Jeans Levis

But it was with Levi Strauss, a German emigrant, that Jens began its marketing. Levi had the brilliant idea of collaborating with Jacob W. Davis in 1873, a tailor known for working resistant fabrics, for the creation of a new type of jeans that combined resistance and practicality for workers and adventurers in the new continent. So together they created the famous 5 pockets with copper reinforcements (lapels) on the pockets. In 1886 he decided to create his famous logo with the two horses pulling the jeans cloth to communicate resistance of jeans and later its famous red label to stand out from the competition.

Jeans for all generations

Jeans soon went from a workers’ dress to a dress worn by Hollywood divas of the 50s with the famous high waist, and then in the 60s to a more tapered shape so as to wrap the shapes of the body.

jeans hippie history

In the 70s the jeans became the trousers of the workers and hippies with the famous elephant flare shape, and then in the 80s it passed to a very skinny elasten or in prêt-à-porter with more elegant shapes and to be combined with formal clothes. But the apex of transformations in jeans was reached in the 90s when it was decided to wrinkle them, tear them, paint them etc. And finally re-proposed in different variations up to the present day.

Jeans style pills

As for jeans it is difficult to give advice as it is a trousers that lends itself to all styles and occasions. First of all it is good to always remember that it is not only a resistant canvas but also adaptable to the shapes and it is therefore advisable to opt for a more fitted jeans because it tends to yield with time and take the shape of the body.

jeans style tips

The jeans according to its silhouette is suitable both with an elegant style such as a blazer and a shirt, with a casual style with a t-shirt underneath or even with a nice leather jacket otherwise for the more underground the classic military jacket or ripped jeans . As always for a more slender figure focus on tapered jeans, while the palazzo style or large shapes is recommended for those with slender shapes or a tall stature. As you can see the combinations are endless with Jeans, the most versatile garment for over 100 years.