Leggings for every shape and lifestyle

Leggings are a very loved or hated garment by people, often by respectable people, the fact is that they do not care to diminish their popularity, above all
in sport and leisure. Controversy aside, we have often seen how vulgar, not many know that their story begins in the 50s with divas who have inspired
entire generations and have become style icons.

Birth of leggings

Leggings were born as tights for soldiers during the Second World War, to be worn under the uniform to protect themselves from the cold. later in the 50s they will be taken up by the famous designer Emilio Pucci and also by Mary Quant in combination with the miniskirt.

leggings and their origin

Emilio Pucci coined the term fuseaux precisely because when the woman wore it with her body it formed a spindle. After that he created the famous
Capri style, with a close-fitting shape and a length between the knee and the ankle; the one worn by Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina is famous.

Leggings and its evolution

In the 70s, with the appearance of flared trousers, leggings lost their popularity, but it will be thanks to the film Grease in which Sandy (Olivia Newton-John)
she will be wearing black leather leggings, which will open the door to the 80s for leggings. To reach their pinnacle in fitness fashion from colorways
aggressive and close-fitting, combined with sweatshirts and loose-fitting sweaters.

80s evolution leather leggings
Olivia Newton-John as Sandy in the 1978 film “Grease”.

Ambassadors of the 80s will become, together with their energy, Madonna and Joe Fonda who will also spread the myth of aerobics and dance. According to Vogue,
the invention of leggings can be attributed to Patricia Field, who became a famous costume designer for various TV series including Sex and the city.

Leggings nowadays

In the 90s there was once again a decline in leggings which were replaced with flared trousers and a lower waist; they will get theirs fame in 2005 when many little girls
will start wearing them with a miniskirt, and even without with oversized sweaters or sweatshirts. Leggings spokesperson in this period she will become Lady Gaga
who, in addition to wearing them in the most disparate colors, will also spread the ripped style.

Style tips

Leggings are an item of clothing and as such they cannot be vulgar, it always depends on the style you adopt and how you wear it. First of all, they fit well both for those with thin and muscular legs, but I would avoid those with too big legs because they tend to highlight shapes, a good trick would be to wear them with a skirt
with flaps to hide the hips.

leggings style tips

The leggings are very adaptable to styles, for a chic one it can be combined with a turtleneck and a blazer. For a casual chic style, it can be worn with a trench coat
and a tartan shirt. If you are sensual tigers with a corset and a fitted blazer. While if you love the ethnic style you cannot miss a nice poncho, perhaps with a total black underneath to bring out the colors. In conclusion, for an underground style, they can be worn with a bomber jacket and a t-shirt underneath. As you can see leggings
are not vulgar, it’s always the person who decides how to communicate their garment.