Palazzo trousers for every shape

The palazzo trousers are certainly a must in the history of fashion, they made their first appearance in the 60s and since that moment their popularity has grown significantly exponential to all social classes, making it more and more extravagant in its width and colors. In recent years it has made a comeback especially in the version 3/4 and jumpsuit to combine with a more casual or street style.

History of the palazzo trousers

Palazzo pants and Galitzine History
Actress Ida Lupino with a creation by Galitzine

The history of the palazzo trousers is traced back to the Russian princess Irene Galitzine when she invented her famous “palazzo pajamas” the name is due to its elegance and to the fine fabric, precisely, a pajama to wear at the palace. It is a noble but simple garment at the same time; its shape brings out the movements and posture more than the physical. The palazzo trousers, however, in the 70s began to abandon the palace and its noble atmosphere, began to be produced with cheaper fabrics such as jeans and became the symbol of youth protest.

How to wear it on different occasions

The palazzo trousers are a versatile garment and are suitable for different occasions, however, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of color and fabric, obviously as always if you opt for an informal occasion, you can focus on bright colors and mixed shades for the most extravagant. You can also be daring with a long-cut kimono for those of a certain height, while for those with a small stature better for the short cut. It is not recommended to use it with a tank top and to liven it up with a sober or extravagant shirt.

Palazzo pants how to wear it

For formal occasions or for those who prefer sobriety and discretion, it is better to opt for darker solid colors combined with a sober sweater and a blazer with a stiletto heel or a slingback. On elegant occasions it can be enriched with silk, lace or velvet garments. While for truly elegant ones, such as weddings or other gala events, we recommend a suit in fine fabrics such as a nice Palazzo Pajamas with a nice bustier underneath or even a nice Jumpsuit (sort of palazzo overalls) with an elegant blazer. and paired with a jewel sandal or stiletto heel and you can’t go wrong.

The palazzo trousers are a model of trousers that are suitable for all female silhouettes. For slim lines, wrapping the waist, gives an even slimmer waist for those who are more shapely, it softens the hips and slims the figure.