The 2.55 story of the legendary clutch bag

Quilted clutch bag and chain, I think you have already understood what I mean, yes, she is the 2.55, the most desired and the timeless quilted bag designed by Coco Chanel in the 1950s to make up for large bags and clutches to be carried strictly by hand. The name 2.55 is due to the date of its creation; or February 1955.

History of the Chanel 2.55 clutch bag

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it was in 1955 that Coco Chanel set herself the goal of designing a bag for a modern, dynamic and working woman; thus creating the legendary 2.55 the famous Chanel clutch was born.

Coco Chanel photographed by Mike De Dulmen

The intent was to replace the large bags of the time with an elegant but functional bag at the same time and free their hands with a chain to carry over the shoulder, the first models were produced in jersey, like the Mademoiselle fabrics used for tailleurs, later was used lambskin with a quilted pattern (diamond stitching).

In 1983 Karl Lagerfeld wanted to renew the style of the 2.55 by adding a strip of leather between the links of the clutch chain and changing the rectangular “Mademoiselle lock” with the double “CC” or the logo of the maison. This new model took the name of “classic flap” or also called 2.88. To conclude, in recent times, the Jumbo model and the Maxi Jumbo have been added.

Characteristics of the Chanel clutch bag

The bag is steeped in the meanings of the story that involved Coco Chanel first. The matalessé padding is said to be inspired by the jackets of the jockeys on the racetrack tracks seen by Coco.

Chanel 2.55 clutch bag with lipstick interior

Its characteristic burgundy interior color comes from the uniforms of the orphanage in which Coco spent her childhood as an orphan. While the chain reminded of the key rings of the guardians of the same orphanage. But that’s not all, every sector has its own functionality. The largest designed to close the bag and cover a hidden pocket designed to hold love cards and some banknotes. The smaller flap, on the other hand, is designed to have three compartments and the central one made exclusively for lipstick, a “secret” compartment with a zip, one under the closure clip and finally a rear one called “Mona Lisa” because of the shape of a smile.

Little style advices

So for such a bag you need attention to detail as it lends itself to all styles. It can be combined with a studded, an elegant, a casual, up to a country style.

Chanel clutch 2.55 style advices

It goes without saying that the classic black goes well with all colors while if you want something specific it is made in different colors. Just think that to have one of the most desired bags there is a long process of different specialized craftsmen, 180 operations are told, starting from cutting, assembly up to packaging and various color and UV resistance tests. Perhaps it is precisely this obsessive attention to detail and raw materials that makes this bag one of the most desired ever.