The bustier and its sensuality in the forms

The bustier or corset for centuries has represented the symbol of fashion, especially for women, imposing a canon of a woman with a wasp waist
and wide hips throughout Europe. To then be abandoned and taken up by contemporary stylists, in a modern key, making it go back to the limelight
as a glamorous garment with a sensual touch and provocative.

History of the bustier

The history of the corset is very ancient it is also traced back to the Cretan civilizations with the famous snake goddess, who wears one, but
the real spread began with Catherine de ‘Medici who in 1500 spread it in various European courts.


Initially the corset consisted of whalebones or wood. During the French Revolution we see a decay of the corset, just to signal a rebellion even
in the clothes; but as early as 1830 it reappeared again in women’s fashion up to the early decades of the twentieth century. During the conflict,
production was slowed down, also because women began to work to take the place of men, and therefore required clothes to move easily, giving rise
to a liberalization of women also in the fashion sector.

New styles

After the first conflict, more sober and lighter clothes spread, the first to propose a fashion different from that of the bustier was Paul Poiret,
who around 1910 decided to create the empire style characterized by a high waist and a narrow and long skirt. Also on this revolutionary wave
in fashion were Chanel and Madeleine Vionnet.


While Christian Dior with his New Look was still inspired by a sophisticated and noble femininity, through the hourglass shape with the use of the
guêpière that she gave her life to a wasp, but it was short-lived because by now the woman was opening up to the job market. Also with the fifties
we see a spread of American fashion and lifestyle. In recent times the bustier has been taken up by Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander Mcqueen
proposing them in their fashion shows always a little provocative and nonconformist / rebellious.

Bustier and style pills

Even today there are bustiers, obviously not with whalebones and tightened up to compress the organs, so animal rights and fearful do not be afraid
you can wear in total safety. Obviously, being a tight-fitting garment, it is good both for the thin ones because it accentuates the hips
and for the more round ones because shapes life and shapes.


It fits well both with trousers and with a skirt, if you want to look taller, however, we recommend a cigarette or tight-fitting trousers while for the skirt
better a flared or wallet, finally the long skirt or long wheel is advisable for those with a tall stature, otherwise it is always better to opt from the knee up.
The bustier also goes well with a blazer or kimono, for those who love ethnicity, the important thing is to be careful with the colors and fabrics
so as not to detract from one or the other.