The leather jacket from the skies to the catwalks

The leather jacket is probably a garment that everyone has in their wardrobe, its history ranges from aviation, to Hollywood, to Rock’n’roll up to
the high fashion catwalks. It is considered a vintage garment that has never faded; you can wear it mainly in the mild seasons and in various styles
but let’s discover its history together.

Leather jacket and its origin

Thinking about the leather jacket often comes to mind a male figure, but just few people know that the first to wear this garment and to make it known was
a woman, Marie Marvingt, a Frenchwoman with a very sporty and adventurous soul who in 1910 appeared wearing a leather jacket; she unaware of having made known a garment
that would have marked fashion for over a century.

leather jacket bike

However, the one who made the leather jacket a widespread and loved garment, realizing its potential, was a small boutique in New York managed by the Irvin brothers
who in 1913 they decided to spread the mass production of this garment by producing them by hand. To wait for their success, however, they had to wait until 1928
when the jacket spread and became the exclusive garment of bikers, especially by enthusiasts Harley Davidson brand; therefore the conquest of the leather jacket worldwide was born.

Leather jacket between stars and subcultures

With the spread of the Jeans style, t-shirt and leather jacket that gave an area of damned beauty, the lather jacket also spread among celebrities.
How not to mention in the roaring 50s actors of the caliber of James Dean and Marlon Brando who with their style spread a symbol of transgressive and rebellious
beauty making them idols for millions of girls.

lather jacket Punk and subcultures

But the leather jacket spread not only among Hollywood stars but also among the idols of subcultures such as Elvis Presley with the Rock and roll style, in the 60s and
70s with the advent of the flower children instead the black color is abandoned to give space to a white leather jacket or pastel colors, an example was Jimi Hendrix
with his white fringed jacket. In the 70s its black color returns with the birth of the Punk style and is worn by groups such as the Sex Pistols and the Ramones.

Its entry into fashion

The merit of its diffusion in the fashion industry is due to Vivienne Westwood, renowned British underground designer, who in 1971 in her tailoring workshop
Let It Rock together with companion Malcolm McLaren transformed this garment into a trendy clothing ready to make its mark even in high fashion
and conquer also renowned designers, such as, for example, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Versace.

Fashion leather jacket and style

A small curiosity is that the term “nail” was used only in Italy to identify the short leather jacket with studs while in the world it was called “Flying jacket” because
it was worn by aviators in its early days. Although the most common term was Perfecto, a name due to the American Irving Schott’s favorite brand of cigars,
the one who invented the specific model.

Leather jacket and style pills

As we have seen, the leather jacket has undergone few mutations but many changes in styles, the advice for this garment is to always opt for a tight one because over time
it tends to adapt to shapes, never take it wide. Black is a color that lends itself to many styles and combinations, while if you want to opt for the eccentric you can opt
for bright colors, for casual ones focus on sober and pastel shades. As always, consider your height and keep in mind that a long jacket lowers while a short one tends to slim,
it is also important to consider the position of the zip while the vertical one tends to highlight the height and the silhouette on the contrary the transversal one
creates a deception by slimming and wrapping the figure more.