Polo the elegant T-shirt with a sporty taste

The Polo shirt has millenary origins and dates back to ancient Persia and then spread to Arbia and Tibet, only to be known in Western
culture by the British. Its shape and fabric make it an elegant/chic garment, a valid alternative to wear to the shirt.
In this article we will go over its history a bit and, as usual, there will be little style tips.

Curiosities about polo shirt

The peculiarity of the polo is that it is worked with a cotton pique armor which makes it breathable and therefore adaptable
to very hot climates.

Piquet fabric polo shirt

With piqué fabric we mean that the cotton of the t-shirt has a quilted relief effect making it smooth and breathable, often forms rhombuses
or squares, moreover the Ring-spun is the twisted spinning into rings giving them resistance and softness to the touch.

History of polo and diffusion

At the end of the nineteenth century the polo shirt was used precisely by polo players (from the Tibetan term “pula” ball), the English having noticed
its potential and decided to bring this shirt to their homeland and spread it in the sporting activities that were so fashionable to the bored bourgeoisie and
nobility. The spread took place with John Brooks in 1896 (still a famous Polo brand) who introduced the botton down, or the button on the collar.

Polo shirt and its history

Afterwards always in sports was the turn of René Lacoste, the famous tennis player, nicknamed “the crocodile” who decided to make a t-shirt and apply
the crocodile logo. But it was with Fred Perry that the Polo began to be used also in the field outside the sports one and finally in 1972 Ralph Laurent
popularized the polo shirt giving that touch of style with his famous polo player brand.

Use of polo in subcultures

As we have seen in previous articles, many garments have been used by youth subcultures, this process could not miss the polo shirt that has been used by many subcultures, the first use involves the elegant Mods with their inevitable Vespa scooter  as opposed to their rivals Bikers who preferred a street style style with
t-shirts and leather garments. Then in the 80s and 90s also to punks and skinheads often accompanied by braces.

Style tips

The polo shirt is a garment that can be worn both with jeans and with elegant trousers, you have to be careful in its length if it is too long, especially for those
who are not tall, risk lowering the figure and in that case it is better to opt for a slim cut and put it inside your pants, with a nice belt and a blazer, a leather jacket or a trench coat depends on the style you prefer and the season, while to wear it outside we recommend a length just below the belt or mid-hips.

Polo shirt style tips

For those who love a wider or more sporty style, you can also opt for a less tight-fitting polo shirt with a classic cut with a nice Bermuda shorts, a chino
or a denim and a boat shoe or a moccasin, otherwise my beloved espadrilles. Obviously with the Polo you can play a lot with colors that vary from bright colors
to pastels and make lots of combinations and style games.