The sweatshirt and the birth of fitness fashion

The sweatshirt is one of the most used garments especially for those who practice activities. Years ago, however, it was an exclusive garment of the working world and the world of youth linked to underground culture and street style, today instead, after a series of modifications and more precious fabrics, the sweatshirt has become a fashionable garment; and worn by several celebrities.

Its history and evolution

The invention of the sweatshirt took place in 1925 when the Russell Europe brand at the request of the founder’s son, Benjamin Russell Jr, asked for an alternative to the annoying “jumpers” on the football fields, and so the father created a crew-neck shaved cotton shirt with the famous front triangle that was used to collect sweat on the neck (hence the English name sweatshirt).

Sweatshirt its story

To see the famous hood applied on the sweatshirt we have to wait until the 30s when the famous Champion brand added it to come meeting the needs of those who worked in cold climates. In fact, originally it was the garment of college sportsmen, often with the name of the college written on it, and of workers. In addition, the Champion brand is also responsible for the invention of the front pocket, which in fact takes the name of Kangaroo Pocket.

Symbol of protest

As we have seen in other articles, the sweatshirt also became a garment used in the 60s and 70s as a symbol of rebellion.

Protest symbol sweatshirt

Guys linked to underground culture and often to forgotten suburbs wore it at events to cover their faces or used by writers, who embellished neighborhoods and denounced through writing, on the same principle. The sweatshirt was also used by hip hop and breakdance dancers to protect themselves from the cold street pavement they used as a dance floor and also by those who practiced skateboarding.

Glamorous sweatshirt

The sweatshirt after going through his period as a rebel began to make its way even in fashion, among the first at the end of the 70s there was Vivienne Westwood and Norma Kamali, in the 80s many other brands began to insert the sweatshirt in the fashion shows and propose it in different variations and fabrics; creating a more chic sport fashion with fabrics high and glamorous colors also suitable for going out of sports contexts as an aperitif.

Style tips

Obviously it is a garment that cannot be worn on formal occasions and for important events, for all the others it lends itself well. As for the sweatshirt you must always consider your stature and your shapes, a long oversize on those with a reduced stature makes clumsy and not well proportioned. The short one instead gives an impetus to the figure and creates an elongation to the body.

Sweatshirt style tips

For those who want to be comfortable, they can opt for an oversize that becomes a sort of mini dress to be worn with a ballerina or an ankle boot. For a more sensual touch you can wear a long sweatshirt with leggings and a shoes with heel or boots. Or if you want to opt for a 90s style, put it inside the jeans or a dungaree with sneakers.
For those who cannot give up the touch of glamor, they can wear a fitted hooded sweatshirt and a blazer, but pay attention to the combination of colors, they depending on the occasion too.