The t-shirt to communicate

The t-shirt is the garment that nobody of any gender, class or age can stay without. In the course of its evolution, over a century, there have been different models and shapes. Initially used by the working classes, subcultures and later by the masses, it has also managed to become popular among high fashion brands, making it a “blank canvas” on which to write your brand and communicate the philosophy. Today we will discover its history and how to best combine it.

History of t-shirt

The history of the t-shit goes back to very distant times, similar garments were already used by the Etruscans and in the Renaissance, but its diffusion took place from the 18th century; before, however, it was proposed as an undergarment and therefore to be worn strictly under the clothes.

Brigitte Bardot in the movie “Private Life” 1961

Since the nineteenth century it has been used among the working classes but remains confined to factories, never outside. Subsequently, the great use among the US armed forces that brought it in the second post-war period saw its spread also among the masses. To make its famous, however, were two sex symbols James Dean and Marlon Brando while Brigitte Bardot in the women’s one.

The t-shirt in subcultures

The t-shirt is no longer a simple garment but becomes a blank canvas on which to “paint” one’s own fantasies, as for hippies with the famous tie-dye effect a colorful vortex depicting psychedelic travels, or a slogan of protest and provocation in the case of Punks with the famous “God save the Queen”, and then move on to political, ironic and finally also tourist messages such as the famous Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt and “I love …”.

But the fashion system also does not isolate itself from this use of the t-shit as a communication vehicle, as is the case of Moschino with his famous “Moschifo” t-shirt and other messages against the fashion system, or even Fiorucci with his little angels.

Style tips

It goes without saying that it goes with everything and the combinations are endless with a t-shirt. If you want a 50s look, wear a full skirt with a belt and a sweater inside with a nice foulard and cat glasses, a 60s style can be combined with flared trousers and espadrilles or sandals and round glasses.

For a Punk look, black jeans with rips or tight leather trousers with a t-shirt and some studs, to finish with a glamorous 80s style you can wear a leather skirt, a branded t-shirt and a nice blazer.