The turtleneck and its intellectual and rebellious charm

The turtleneck or in English turtleneck sweater is a garment that has marked the history, starting from the 900, of many cultures and generations, as for other
garments we have talked about in previous articles, it has purely practical and functional origins. Its name derives from the film “La dolce vita” by Fellini
in which we see, in the final scene, a Mastroianni with a black shirt and a scarf that make him look like a turtleneck sweater from afar. In this article we will
briefly retrace its origins and conclude with small style tips.

The turtleneck among intellectuals

As anticipated, the turtleneck sweater was created to protect sailors and workers from the cold and allow better movement by
avoiding the use of the scarf. Over time it was worn by writers and intellectuals, the first was the Englishman Noel Coward, and
then spread among the French intellectuals who loved wear it while discussing the writings of Foucault and Sartre in Parisian
cafés. A garment that invested Europe and beyond, and which began its journey as a garment cultural and emancipatory;
although still a prerogative of the male world.

Spread of the turtleneck sweater

To have the turtleneck sweater spread in the women’s wardrobe, we have to wait until the 50s, when two famous divas Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn
will begin to popularize it as a fashion and classy garment through the cinema.

turtleneck sweater and its history

Later it will become the symbol of protest for women, especially in the minimalist period, whose icon will be the French singer Juliette Gréco and later
even left-wing revolutionaries with the inevitable flared trousers. In America the turtleneck instead will be used by the group of black panthers who
fought for the rights of African Americans. It will then be acquired by artists such as Andy Warhol and Diane Keaton. In the course of 2000, to conclude,
it will be repeated by many fashion houses on the catwalks, marking its rebirth.

Style tips

The turtleneck is a sweater that lends itself well to different styles, but we must pay attention to your figure because it does not lend itself well to everyone,
in fact for those who have a short and wide neck and a rounded or heart-shaped face are best avoided because it crushes the figure and amplifies the neck,
shoulders and face.

turtleneck sweater style tips

While it is a garment that looks good on those with a long, slender neck with small shoulders because it will increase the shoulders and lead to a focus on the neck; stretching the figure. For the most elegant, it lends itself well with a suit, allowing you to wear it even on more professional occasions. A good match is also a trench
coat as an overcoat to give a more British appearance. For those who want to break the seriousness of the turtleneck sweater, they can do it with a broken suit,
like a blazer and a chino or jeans.