Trouser skirt for a modern woman

The trouser skirt was born from a need of women to adapt to the world of work, in fact it had to allow freedom of movement without losing its femininity,
the length can vary but it is generally worn short. It was created precisely to meet the needs of a modern woman who was going to replace, in some cases,
even men’s jobs or even to travel comfortably by bike without sacrificing elegance or show too much.

trouser skirt story

The invention of the trouser skirt is totally Italian and dates back to 1911, conceived in Turin by the fashion house La Merveilleuse,
in correspondence with the great exhibition of 1911.

trouser skirt story

The original name was jupe culotte, initially it was not frowned upon, especially in a purely male-dominated society; it was only with his arrival in Paris which
began to depopulate and its diffusion was created. Over the years, however, its use decreased, but it was in the 90s that the trouser skirt saw its rebirth
thanks also to the television series Beverly Hills 90210.

Style tips

As we have anticipated, the trouser skirt can be of various lengths, each obviously adapts to a silhouette and also to a type of particular shoe.
Therefore, depending on your shape and height, it is advisable to prefer one model over another, or to play with the height of the shoes
and waistline.

Let’s start with the long model with calf length, similar to that of Aikido to be clear, it is a cut that for its linearity and wrapping the waist lengthens the figure,
moreover, it can be worn during the day with sneakers or in the evening with kitten hells or jeweled sandals. At the top you can wear it a nice slim shirt.

As for the short cut, it lends itself well to everyone but it is advisable for those with a shorter stature and for those with long legs, in this case it is good to aim
for on a model with a high waist, in the upper art a kimono to give them more whimsy otherwise a blazer to remain more formal, for stockings we recommend
a high heel to slim the figure or wedges.

In conclusion, always remember, as the trouser skirt is a little flared, to wear more adherent clothing on the upper part such as a bustier or to also wear bands
or belts in order to emphasize the waist; it is also advisable to combine it with a minibag or clutch bag so as to contrast the width of the trouser skirt.