Blazer and its elegance

The Blazer is a jacket created for men and then spread to women’s clothing as well. It is often confused with the classic men’s jacket, but in this article we will analyze
its history and what characteristics differentiate it from the elegant jacket.

History of the Blazer

The origin of the balzer goes back to the navy-colored double-breasted jacket worn by the Royal Navy in 1873 on a visit to Queen Victoria, the latter appreciated this
sort of uniform so much that she decided to make it official.
During the two great wars, the blazer also spread to the women’s wardrobe who began to work replacing men in the war and therefore required more comfortable and resistant clothing.

Worldwide distribution

During the twentieth century Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent brought many changes to the blazer by proposing it in various patterns and structures.

Blazer Richard Gere
Richard Gere in the movie American Gigolo – Photo by John Bailey

To see a true diffusion in the male context we have to wait until 1975 when Armani for American Gigolo produced the blazer to be worn by Richard Gere
spreading the charm of this garment on a planetary level. From 2000 onwards there was a real explosion of the Blazer even from the brightest colors.

Blazer Vs classic jacket

Often the two garments get confused or are thought to be the same thing, but no there are differences:

  • Classic jacket: it is a jacket with a longer cut that is worn over a classic shirt and is often part of a suit, therefore in the same fabric as the trousers that accompany it; recommended for formal occasions and ceremonies.
  • Blazer: it is a jacket that can be double-breasted or single-breasted (more common) with gold or metal buttons, with different lengths and even widths such as the oversize, it can be worn over an elegant, casual or underground style.

Style tips

It goes without saying that it fit well with the white or light blue shirt, but let’s say it is not the best of originality. Obviously, as always, it depends on the occasions, for an elegant style the shirt inside the trousers is strictly recommended; for all other occasions you can play in different ways.

Blazer style tips

For the most elegant, a tight turtleneck or a midi dress for women is recommended. If you do not intend to wear a lot of clothes under the Blazer, you can opt for a bustier or for the more sporty ones for a bralette; while for males a t-shisrt possibly with a V-neck to postpone the neckline of the blazer.
Remember that it is generally preferable to wear the blazer with skinny trousers or a flared skirt especially for oversize ones and do not confuse even the occasions if it is for the evening do not wear jean shorts, rather a chino or classic cut trousers with a suitable fabric.

For the diehards of the underground style, you can opt for a fitted sweatshirt, a boho-style dress, a denim shirt or even a leather blazer; which in recent years is depopulating.