The bomber the jacket that never lands

The Bomber is a jacket widely used by both genders but not everyone knows that this garment was created to meet the needs of aviation pilots who found
themselves facing the cold altitudes. In this article we will go through its history and, as always, conclude with little style tips.

Bomber history

The bomber was born towards the First World War designed for pilots’ clothing, as many planes previously had the cockpit open, and
therefore it was essential to keep their men warm.

the bomber jacket and its history

Initially they were made of leather or leathers with strings that closed the neck, wrists and waist. Later for practicality problems they were produced in nylon
that allowed a better mobility and impermeability, and the strings replaced by elastics. Its particular shape, windproof, with the mock neck, the elasticated
waist and the often padded sleeves allowed it to keep the heat.

Subculture and the bomber

Prerogative of the military world, the bomber, in the 80s begins to be adopted by different subcultures, the first was punk. They wore skinny jeans that were
often worn and ripped, with combat boots and obviously the inevitable bomber jacket.

the bomber and the spread in youth subcultures

In the years to come and 90 it also spread among skinheads, while in the 2000s it was also absorbed by hip hop culture even in the form of sweatshirts
called varsity jackets. Curiously, the bomber was also spread among the subcultures of the wealthy boys of the renowned American Ivy League colleges
to show it in exclusive villa parties.

Style tips

The bomber fits well with different styles from fitness, to glamor and even casual. As always, it is important to consider your height, if you are not tall,
it is better to opt for skinny trousers or tight jeans, and avoid oversizing with flat shoes so as not to crush the figure. It can also be worn
with a sweatshirt for the more underground. For the more extravagant, you can opt for the so-called “sukajan” embroidered bomber jacket
of Japanese derivation, with many often oriental decorations.

bomber jacket and style tips on how to wear it

Obviously, the more decorated it is, the better it is to keep a minimal monochromatic style, to avoid the Harlequin effect, on the contrary if the bomber is dark
it can be enlivened with a printed t-shirt or one that contrasts with a light color. For women it also goes well with a pleated skirt or leggings.
Last but not least, due to its shape, the bomber must not let air pass inside, otherwise you risk having a disproportionate silhouette.