Parka the coat for every season

The Parka does not need many presentations today it is a garment used by both sexes and has never suffered many decadences. Many do not know that the parka before reaching fashion and passing through the most important Maison has Inuit origins and then spread to the military sector.

A brief history of the parka

As anticipated, its origins are to be brought back to the Inuit, the word Parka actually means “animal skin”, originally the skin of wild animals was used such as: reindeer, seal and polar bear. But it is with the conflict in Korea of 1951 that the parka is modernized and produced with waterproof materials, adapted to the movements and designed to retain heat. With the US military then the Parka acquires the shape with which we know it today.

Spread among subcultures

After the conflict, the parka finds its place in the subculture of the Mods who wear it strictly green with pins, with an elegant style aboard their inseparable Vespas, unlike their baiker rivals who wore leather jackets and powerful motorcycles.

Parka Mods subculture 1979
Photo by Paul Wright “Mods in scooters”

In the 80s and 90s it was Kurt Cobain who made it famous, often wearing it with ripped jeans and checked flannel shirts; spreading the style underground grunge. In 2003 it is the turn of Kate Moss who wears it in Punk style with the white writing “God save the Queen” in honor of the song by the Sex Pistols.

Style pills

The classic parka is an overcoat that lends itself well to an underground style in this case we recommend worn jeans with a checked shirt and boots or amphibians. While for those who love casual, you can go for a dark-colored parka with a detachable lining (a feature that allows to wear it also in spring / summer) in fleece or down jacket and elegant sneakers.

Down-style parka

Finally, thanks to Woolrich who was the first to make it a down jacket, followed by North Face it is also possible to wear it for a more elegant style with a nice moccasin or a nice boot and cigarette pants and an elegant t-shirt or shirt. This coat is not recommended for formal occasions as it is designed for a more underground and fashion casual style, for the latter, a trench coat or duffle coat is recommended.