The denim jacket for every personality and style

The denim jacket has been a must for over 150 years, designed to meet the needs of gold prospectors and fortune-seeking workers in the USA, over the years it has become a must-have symbol of fashion and vintage. Its strength lies in changing the cut while maintaining the original shape and adapting to different styles.

Denim jacket origin

The history of the denim jacket is closely related to Levi’s which created its patent
around 1840, the first jacket dates back to 1880 with the famous triple pleat
blouse, consisting of a strap behind to tighten it. Then it’s the turn of the 506,
which will excel until 1950 with the famous shape of a pocket, and the strap behind
to tighten it; His rival Lee later invented the 91 zip-up jacket. Another famous model was the slim jacket, designed
for cowboys, with slanted pockets to put your hands in easier while riding and a higher hem to prevent them from rolling up.

history of the jeans jacket and Levi's

In the 50s wearing denim was a symbol of rebellion because it went against the canons of the time which still envisaged a classic cut, a lover of denim was the celebrity Bing Crosby, who in 1953 was prevented from entering a luxury hotel because sported a denim suit; later Levi’s decided to make the denim tuxedo for him as a provocation and to point out that times were changing. Its competitor, the famous jeans brand Lee, in 1933 introduced the famous storm rider, with tartan wool pillowcase and corduroy collar; loved by Steve McQueen and Marilyn Monroe.

The Levi's jeans jacket model trucker jacket

In 1962 Levi’s created its iconic denim jacket called a trucker jacket with a tailored cut, padded, and with pockets covered with triangular pieces of fabric, with yellow instead of orange stitching; its fabric also was heavier at 14 ounces than
previous models of 9 ounces.

Denim jacket in subcultures

In the 70s the denim jacket became a garment used by hippies together with the inevitable flared trousers, a waistcoat and with a colored foulard knotted on the forehead.

the denim jacket and its diffusion among subcultures

It will also be used by punks who will tear it off, also depriving it of sleeves, and adorning it with pins, patches, studs and written in paint (generally provocative messages) and then last but not least also by “paninari” (fashionable guys in Milan). Thanks to punk fashion, the denim jacket will become a garment on which to write your messages, like a real book. In the 2000s it exploded again, to be worn by various stars and re-proposed in various forms and covered with precious
accessories and precious embroideries by various fashion houses.

style tips

The denim jacket is a garment that can be combined with different styles, they can be found in the classic cut, bomber
and also worn underground and with rips. It lends itself well to all silhouettes precisely because it is generally worn
open and does not require a slender line. For a more elegant combination, you can create a suit with classic-cut
jeans or cigarette trousers (both possibly of the same color) and with a shirt underneath.

If you prefer a more underground style, you can aim for an oversized or ripped denim jacket, dungarees and combat boots.
To have a chic style and be on the safe side, you can focus on a total black look, for example black leggings with a black turtleneck and an indigo denim jacket to break up, and a nice scarf. For an ethnic style you can wear a caftan and a denim jacket with colored patches, and a cape with accessories. The denim jacket is probably, together with the t-shirt,
the garment that lends itself best to modifications, textile manipulations and embroideries.