The Korean shirt conquers the West

The Korean shirt or in English mandarin collar or korean collar shirt is a garment that in recent years has had great success, especially in the wardrobe
masculine, unlike the classic cut, it does not have a collar with sails for the tie; thus allowing a more sober and casual-elegant style. It also allows you
to be free from classical formality and “rigidity”. In this article we will discover its history and as always little style tips.

Origins of the Korean shirt

The Korean collar, although the name may be misleading, has Chinese origins in fact it was imported from the Qing dynasty, only
to be introduced by the Ming dynasty in Manchuria (northeast of China on the border with Korea).

korean shirt history

Its spread begins in India, where it became popular thanks to Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who used to show up wearing a shirt with the mandarin
collar during political demonstrations.

korean collar shirt spread in the West

After the spread of the Korean shirt in the East, its conquest also began in the West thanks to the Beatles who used to wear it with the Nehru jacket.
Subsequently it conquered a very important youth subculture between the 60s and 70s that of the hippies who loved to wear it with jeans, long cassocks or capes.

Types of Korean collar style

The types of mandarin collar are of various kinds, but the main ones are:

  • band collar: also standard Korean collar which is the typical collar that ends where a classic shirt would start;
  • mandarin collar: it is formed by a collar with a height between 2 and 5 centimeters but remains stiffer and higher,
    suitable for a more elegant and distinguished style;
  • Nehru collar: most used for coats and outerwear.

Style tips

The Korean shirt is a garment that can be worn on both casual and professional occasions but is not recommended for ceremonies. To give a more elegant
look it can be worn with a chino and a blazer giving a less serious and flat style. Another garment with which it matches good is the cardigan both short and long,
as always pay attention to your height.

Korean collar shirt style tips

Since the Korean shirt is a minimalist garment, you have to pay attention to the fabric you use, the linen is fresh but is prone to wrinkles, while denim tends
to be more casual and therefore not suitable for formal occasions. For professional situations it is better to opt for a good cotton poplin, an Oxford or a pique;
obviously strictly inside the pants. In conclusion, for a more ethnic style, you can accompany the shirt with a Korean collar with a jeans, a cape or a kimono.