Duffle Coat the adaptable coat

The duffle coat throughout its history has represented an overcoat with undisputed charm and also appreciated for its adaptability to different styles. Becoming from a purely masculine garment to a feminine garment too; changing from more austere shades, typical of the military world, to colored shades with variations in shapes and lengths.

The origins of Duffle Coat

The origins of the duffle coat are traced back to Belgian fishermen to protect themselves from the cold of the northern seas, made of heavy and insulating wool and produced in Duffel, near Antwerp.

The origins of Montgomery
Jack Hawkins in the movie “The Cruel Sea”

Later in 1914 it began to be worn by the British navy, calling it Duffle Coat, which was looking for a garment to protect itself from cold temperatures of the Atlantic Ocean. Popularity reached it with the British general Bernard Law Montgomery who never missed an opportunity to exhibit it. Becoming a purely military garment not only for its practicality, in fact the frogs (typical buttons) allowed to be opened even with gloves, but also for its comfort (originally they were wider to allow you to wear the full uniform). After the end of the conflict the excess Duffle Coats were donated to the population, thus increasing his popularity.

The classic Montgomery

The classic Duffle Coat

The Montgomery was produced in raw wool and with colors closer to the earth, with the passage of time the shape and materials have changed, using more comfortable wool and also bright colors such as electric blue and red and lastly also the length, which originally was below the knee, bringing it to mid-thigh. His popularity exploded in the 50s was the actor Jack Hawkins who wore the duffle coat in the movie “The Cruel Sea” and later between the 60s and 70s celebrities such as Jack Nicholson and David Bowie wore it.

How it is composed:

We have seen that the duffle coat is made of wool and of a certain length, but to be able to declare it as such we must evaluate certain parts:

  • the rounded cap;
  • the famous lacing with frogs made of horn, wood or leather;
  • two external big patch pockets and sewn with topstitching;
  • the lining in Tartan pattern;
  • length from the knee down.

Duffle Coat style tips

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the Montgomery (Duffle Coats) can be of different lengths, we recommend the length from the knee down for those of a tall stature, otherwise it is better to prefer the mid-thigh length so as not to make the figure lower by cutting the legs.

Duffle Coat style tips

The Montgomery goes well for formal occasions, it turns out to be perfect with a suit as it was used under uniforms matching well both with an Oxford lace-up shoe and a Brouge or a stiletto or spool heel for women; choosing between beige, camel, Navy blue or black colors. For an elegant sporty style you can wear a turtleneck, a button down shirt or even a cardigan. If you want to aim for a casual style instead we recommend knitwear with fantasy prints, combined with ankle boots with or without laces. For those who want to give an underground touch, they can use a sweatshirt, jeans and a nice sneaker.

As you have seen the Montgomery suits many styles and occasions, it will be due to its charm combined with uniforms or Nordic landscapes, the fact remains that its style remains timeless.