The caban and its seafaring charm

The Pea coat or Caban or simply called marinara is a coat that has not lost its charm and has remained unchanged throughout history, preserving
the classic flared shape, wide lapels, large pockets in which navy soldiers warmed their hands, vertical welt pockets at chest height in which the sailors
put away their cigarettes, compass and telescope; and a double-breasted made up of 6 or 8 round buttons. In this short article we will find out its history
and to conclude small style tips.

History of the caban

The Caban as we have seen for other garments has military origins, used in ancient times by Dutch sailors, during the eighteenth
century it was spread by British Navy of the Royal Navy and later by the US; thus starting to spread its popularity.

sailor coat or caban also peacoat

Always as happened with other garments, our Pea coat also had a great success among the public, in the second post-war period, thanks to Hollywood
and to its stars just to name a few: Steve McQueen, Gregory Peck, Robert Redfort. As you may have noticed he was still a boss for a male audience,
its diffusion in the female sphere begins in the 60s thanks to Jackie Kennedy and her elegance.

Diffusion in fashion

Its diffusion begins to expand to a vast audience, but in the fashion sector it is still struggling to take off, and this time the credit goes to a great stylist
like Yves Saint Laurent who saw potential in this garment and proposed it in haute couture, copying his intuition also other high fashion designers
they took it to the catwalks, up to the so-called mass brands such as H&M and Zara. Allowing to develop extravagant colors, and always new materials.

Style tips

As we have anticipated, the Pea coat has now become a unisex overcoat suitable for different seasons because they are found both in the classic cloth
and in waterproof cotton. For men it is a simple garment to combine, it can be worn with classic trousers, jeans or chinos; for the more extravagant
even with a slightly flared one (very navy old style) with sailing shoes or moccasins.

sailor jacket or caban style tips

For women, the pea coat or peacoat can be worn with both trousers and a skirt, but in this case it is better to aim for a short non-flared better semi-long
or long falling, such as the full skirt, to avoid the spruce effect (as always consider your height); lines are also good alternatives tight like a midi skirt,
wallet or even a mini skirt.