The poncho is the simple overcoat with different styles

The poncho is a very used garment especially in the intermediate seasons to keep the body warm without sinning in style, used mostly by women, as well as being adaptable, it gives patterns to different styles and allows greater freedom than the rigid coat.

history of the poncho

The poncho is a garment originally from South America, used mainly to shelter from the cold, in ancient times it was also a mark of distinction of the different regions or tribes; in fact there were different traditional decorations according to the areas of origin.

poncho and its history

Its origins date back to the seventeenth century when the Andean populations used it against the harsh climate of the Andes, later it was used in the nineteenth century during the war of independence from Spain for the freedom it granted during the ride.

Diffusion between Europe and the USA

The poncho in the 40s began its circulation in the USA, and then spread to Europe thanks to the spread of western films, in which the symbol of charm and manly man becomes Clint Eastwood.

the poncho with western influences
Clint Eastwood in the movie “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

In the 70s the poncho was used by the hippie subculture, who wore it as a sign of protest and support towards the exterminated minorities, spreading so the style and ethnic taste among the masses. Fashion, always alert to social changes, adapts itself by proposing ponchos in various shapes, patterns and colors to be proposed in the fashion system.

Style tips

The poncho is an overcoat and therefore is very adaptable to different styles and lines. When wearing it, you must pay attention, as always, to your height, in fact too long if you are not tall makes the figure low. Another important factor to consider is the width, if you are curvy it is better to aim for a thin line that follows the silhouette rather than a wide one with soft lines; It is also good to tie it on the waist because it makes the figure more linear.

the poncho and style tips

Ponchos are with buttons, frogs, or simply open on the front, also in this case choosing which one to wear is important, for a formal occasion better to opt for buttons or frogs, while if so on more casual and informal occasions, focus on the open line on the front. For casual wear it can be worn with a trouser skirt, or for a more ethnic style with flared trousers. Pay attention to oversize and ethnic style because it requires for the first a slender and high silhouette, while for the second a good combination of colors and shapes. In order not to make mistakes and slim the figure, you can always opt for leggings, a miniskirt or skinny jeans, with a décolleté or high boots; with a nice shirt to give a chic touch. As we have seen the poncho thanks to its shape is very versatile, making it a garment for all occasions.