The full skirt and its femininity

The full skirt is a must for all women, obviously there are in various lengths and widths giving a more flared or less shape, the important thing is to always give that
effect a bit hourglass and give shape to the woman’s body above all of the hips. In this article we will go to see a little of her history, and to conclude always
some little style tips.

History of the full skirt

The story of the full skirt originates from the designer Christian Dior, who in 1947 decided to revolutionize the shape of women by giving them an hourglass shape, inventing the famous “corolla line“.

Full skirt and its history

This line included a corset in order to give structure to the upper part and then give greater bulkiness in the lower part. The full skirt was made famous by
the Hollywood divas of the caliber of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe who each with a different personality and their own charm
proposed it in different styles.

Style tips

As always, to wear a garment you must also study your structure and height. For women of short stature it is recommended to wheel just below the knee to go up
with heels in order to lengthen the silhouette, while for those who are tall they can also accept those that reach the calf.
Also pay attention to the fabric, the silk or viscose skirt tends to wrap, while the denim or cotton one tends to widen because they are more rigid.

Full skirt and style tips

As always, it is always recommended for those who are more rounded to use plain-colored patterns while for the slender ones to also opt for various patterns.
The high-waisted full skirt is especially good for those with a small stature as it lengthens the figure, but not recommended with a low waist as it lowers the figure.
Finally, the pleated skirt is suitable for all shapes but can be especially useful for those with a shorter stature because it tends to lengthen. As an overcoat you can aim
for a bustier or a short-cut blazer. As you can see the ways to match the full skirt are many, it is up to your imagination to match it well.