Cardigan: the sweater open to styles

The cardigan is a garment that is now part of the clothing of both sexes. It is nothing more than a wool or cotton sweater, open on the front, and consists of buttons or a zipper. Moreover, if nowadays it is normal that it is also worn by women, it was not in the past, in fact they wore it as a sign of rebellion to communicate their emancipation and independence from man.

History of the cardigan

The name of the cardigan was born in the mid-19th century and derives from James Brudenell VII, Earl of Cardigan, a British commander who was in service during the Crimean War. Initially used by men to wear it under the coat, women will bring it to the fore, spreading it in their clothing in the 40s and generating criticism between the society of the time and the loss of femininity; because seen too far from the canons of style that a woman had to maintain.

The spread of the cardigan as the symbol of rebellion will take place above all in the 1960s with the advent of social struggles and rights that denounced feminists, especially French, who will wear it daily, extending it among young people and subcultures.

From universities to fashion

In the early 1900s the spread of the cardigan began in the colleges of NY and Massachusetts among girls, who loved to wear it wide with long shirts, to feel emancipated and at the same level as male colleagues, that of athletic girls with the V-neck will become famous. After the war we return to think about fashion and social life, so the cardigan spreads to Paris with Coco Chanel, giving it that touch of class although still not the prerogative of the masses but of a niche.

Style tips

Precisely for its comfort, the cardigan is a garment that can be used both in winter and in warm seasons, but it cannot in any way replace the coat and its elegance, such as duffle coat. It is not suitable for elegant or formal dresses but more for casual clothing. As always, avoid the long cardigan if you don’t have it a tall stature because it will tend to shorten the figure.

The cardigan and style tips

Avoid wearing it with a sweater or voluminous dresses because they create a clumsy and round figure by increasing the volumes, a t-shirt is recommended instead of fine cotton or a jersey. For a more elegant style we recommend the buttoning with buttons or frogs, while the zipper that is more suitable for a sporty style is not recommended; to give that urban chic tone it can be worn with a trench coat. In conclusion, for those who love ethnic style, you can wear a cardigan with particular colors and palazzo trousers.