Shorts and their provocative and chic style

Shorts commonly called also short trousers are a model worn by both genders and all ages. Once worn only by boys and men, in today’s times they have depopulated and are mainly worn by teenagers. In this article we will retrace their history and evolution and conclude small style tips.

Origin of shorts

Ancestor of the shorts are the culottes born around the end of the 18th century, their length stopped at the knee and on the side they had buttons to which precious socks were worn.

shorts origin and history

But shorts as we know them today were born around the end of the 19th century and were mainly worn by school-age boys, in fact wearing long trousers at the time was a symbol of maturity and marked puberty.

The rebel shorts

The shorts will begin to make themselves known when a famous tennis player of the time, Alice Marble, will wear them on the field in 1933, creating quite a stir.

diffusion of shorts in the burlesque of the 40s and 50s

But their boom will begin between the 40s and 50s when they will be adopted mainly among burlesque pin-ups; and precisely in this period they will become shorter and more adherent with a high waist and accompanied by two rows of front buttons. In the 60s they will be worn provocatively with high boots by Brigitte Bardot and also by Jacqueline Kennedy in a more elegant way.

Shorts and subcultures

Later in the 70s, also called hot pants, they will become the symbol of rebellion and liberation of the female body from the classic canons, becoming the main garment of the hippie style.

shorts and its diffusion among subcultures

To then move on to the 80s in the punk style with studs and denim jackets. In the 90s, however, they will be worn with oversized sweatshirts or short T-shirts that bared the navel with shirts tied at the front. To conclude in the 2000s, Kylie Minogue will bring them back into vogue with her golden micro pants, provocative and bubbly like her.

Style tips

The shorts are short trousers and there are different lines:

  • high-waisted shorts: they slim the silhouette, they adapt well to those who have no stomach but have more prominent hips, they can be improved with a polo shirt and a heel;
  • mini shorts: they help to lengthen the figure, to make it more elongated focus on a heel or knee-high boots;
  • capri shorts: they are good for those with a wiry build because they give more volume to the legs, it is good to combine them with a slim shirt so as not to appear too masculine.
shorts fashion tips

If, on the other hand, you prefer a more chic style, a classic cut with a high waist is also suitable with a shirt and a sailor jacket. For those who aim for a sensual style, they can aim for very tight shorts with a corset. Those who are eternal hippies and love ethnicity can wear shorts with a kimono or a cape. Obviously these are small examples of how to wear shorts, but the combinations and patterns, as in many garments, can be multiple.