The cigarette trousers and their adherence with class

The cigarette trousers or slim trousers in English are a recent trousers born in the twentieth century, worn by both men and women, in the past unlike of other garments we have seen were a prerogative of the fairer sex. Back in vogue in more recent times, they have never stopped being worn, represent elegance and also adaptability to different occasions and their combination with different styles of shoes, make the cigarette trousers one of a kind. Precisely because of its shape, which can also be high-waisted, it matches different silhouettes.

Curiosity about cigarette trousers

The cigarette trousers are trousers born around the 50s, their particular tapered line allowed the woman to be more comfortable without losing her femininity.

cigarette trousers from the 50s and 60s curiosity

Representatives of this innovative style were Audrey Hepburn Style and Marilyn Monroe in the 60s, the first with her cheeky style loved to wear them with flats and a turtleneck, while the second with a more sensual style loved to wear them with a high heel and a turtleneck sweater; both even if with different styles and personalities they contributed to the diffusion of this style. The cigarette trousers are a classic that goes with all styles and unlike other trousers, it is also suitable for elegant and formal occasions.

Cigarette trousers vs skinny

The cigarette trousers and the skinny are often mistakenly considered as synonyms, however there are differences in the cut. The trousers a cigarette has a more tubular line in some cases more adherent towards the ankles, has a classic cut, and its length should end on the malleolus or just above.

While the skinny is more recent trousers, usually with a jeans cut, and is adherent along the entire length of the leg; unlike the previous one it is not suitable for formal occasions.

Style tips

Precisely because of its shape, cigarette trousers are adaptable to many silhouettes. Its adherence on the hips allows, both for those who are thin and for those who is more shapely, to wrap shapes. However, attention must be paid to the calves, for those with big legs it is better to opt for trousers such as chinos.

cigarette pants style tips

Another detail to consider is the length, too long they form creases on the ankle making it scruffy; as always if you don’t have a tall stature should not be covered or worn with high boots because they will amplify their short line, better to wear them with a heel, an ankle boot or a fine shoe that lifts the silhouette. Another winning combination, if you are tall or thin, is the combination with ballet flats or a moccasin, a polo shirt with a trench coat and a pochette like the 2.55 Chanel. As we have seen, cigarette trousers are very adaptable trousers for both genders and lends itself well to many styles and patterns.