The dungaree and its contribution to fashion

The dungaree is a unisex garment made up of trousers, an extension towards the bust to form a bib, and supported by two straps. Generally the most used fabric in dungarees is denim, but over the years it has been produced in different materials, and its more elegant version the jumpsuit has allowed to be worn on social occasions.
In this article we will go a bit to discover its history, initially used by workers until it reached the fashion catwalks, and then conclude the article with little style ti

History of the dungarees

The dungaree, as previously mentioned, was born as a workwear from an idea of the well-known Levi’s Strauss around the end of the nineteenth century,
to meet to workers seeking fortune in the new continent. So from his famous jeans she decided to add a bib and adjustable suspenders, giving a sense
of comfort but also practicality; in fact today it is still widely used by those who carry out manual work.

In the seventies there was an explosion of his dungarees even in everyday life, especially among the youngest, his proletarian air was gradually expanding among
the masses, marking a trend and spreading also in the fashion system. Its diffusion will lead to multiple evolutions: flared, skinny, in short and skirt versions.
Even the harness will not be excluded from this process, changing, in the shapes and necklines. In the 80s there will be a decline of the dungarees,
perhaps because it is linked to an unmanly image, but it will not be long, in fact it will reappear in the 90s with the famous lowered braces (both or only one),
a checkered shirt and the cap visor facing your back and that’s it. Her up to the present day in revisited versions and with different fabrics, making her an evening
dress and chic, compared to her more proletarian and underground sister.

Style tips

The dungaree is a garment that lends itself well to the underground and casual style, it depends a lot on the shapes and the fabric, obviously for a more street style
you are more free on the choices, you can opt for an amphibian and a sneaker with a t-shit, or with a grunge-style checkered shirt and decide to lower one shoulder
strap or both, and to finish off with round or aviator sunglasses.

For a more causal chic style you can opt for a dungaree with a more refined and skinny denim and put on a slim shirt or a blouse, alternatively a sweater with a fine
fabric and a shoe with a heel, for greater comfort an ankle boot or a moccasin. Do not fear fashionistas and worldly chic, if you think that the dungaree is still linked
to a casual and street style you are wrong, her little sister the jumpsuit combined with a blazer or a bolero and a nice heel or slave sandal will make you a beautiful one,
also among the most fashionable. The strength of the dungaree is its adaptation and the possibility of being able to renew it in different fantasies.